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Travel Insurance

As a member you can avail in-built travel insurance policy underwritten by IFFCO TOKIO General  Insurance Company. Pvt Ltd.

Clarify All Doubts Related Travel Insurance
Before embarking on any holiday trip, we make complete efforts to try to make it memorable, happy and safe. We try to take into account any possible situation that might arise. But often we forget to buy travel insurance policy, which ensures that your trip is secure. Enter few details like where you want to go, for how many days, your details family details and buy best policy for yourself and your loved ones.

General Questions

How do I choose the best travel insurance?

While buying travel insurance online you have to select the plan that is right for you. Policy coverage, plan features and price can be the deciding factors for you. Read the policy wordings carefully to learn what is included and excluded in your policy. If you are a frequent traveler consider an annual policy that covers multi trips.
Check for coverage including:

  • Medical coverage and evacuation
  • Personal accident
  • Loss of documents & baggage
  • Trip delay and cancellation
  • Financial emergency assistance
  • Loss of Deposit or cancellation for Hotel and Airline
  • Legal expenses

How do I benefit with Travel insurance?

Overseas Travel insurance would protect you during the times of problems and stress when you are travelling in a foreign land. If there is cancellation of trip, interruption or delay due to illness, injury or bad weather or due to loss of baggage, passport, traveler’s cheques, traveling tickets, etc., there would be financial reimbursement offered to cover your financial risk. Medical expenses towards treatment in a local hospital would be provided.
Financial emergency assistance would also be provided in case of loss of funds due to theft or any such event. Back home, your house and contents would be protected with a home insurance coverage against fire, allied perils and burglary.

Why do you need Travel Insurance?

Travelling abroad on a holiday or business trip, to relax amidst the scenic mountains or beaches, single or along with your family, you need travel insurance for complete peace of mind. It is required to safeguard you from the risk of any financial emergency arising due to illness, accident, injury or any unforeseen event. There can be incidents related to loss of tickets, baggage, documents, trip cancellation, flight delays, etc. When you are travelling away from home, you need to ensure that you are safe and protected to handle any kind of unfortunate events and financial risk.

Schengen country List

List Of Schengen countries

Travel Insurance to Schengen countries is mandatory for every traveler. A group of 26 European countries fall into the Schengen Agreement, thus eliminating the internal border which controls them.

We have additionally listed 4 countries below the Schengen country list which have similar travel insurance parameters as schengen countries.