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Global Assistance

Travelsafe is global travel assistance companies in the Asian region, ensuring the traveling public has the level of care and support expected of a world-class travel insurance and medical assistance offer.
We are sure that you will feel pride and relief with Tacsafe Assist which is a comprehensive consulting programmed available 24×7 for worldwide travel& lifestyle assistance with domestic road side assistance. We hope that you will take advantage of the many benefits that come with according to selected plan.


Documents and Communication

  • Assistance with lost travel documents or passports
  • Live email and phone messaging to family and friends
  • Emergency message relay service
  • Multilingual translation and interpretation services



Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance and Managed Care

  • Medical case management, consultation and monitoring
  • Medical Transportation
  • Dispatch of a doctor or specialist
  • Referrals to local medical and dental service providers
  • Prescription drug replacement
  • Worldwide medical information, up-to-the-minute travel medical advisories, and immunization requirements



Pre-trip Information

  • Destination guides (hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • Weather updates and advisories
  • Passport requirements
  • Currency exchange
  • Health and safety advisories



Travel Arrangements1

Travel Arrangements

  • Arrangements for last-minute flight and hotel changes
  • Luggage Locator (reporting/tracking of lost, stolen or delayed baggage)
  • Hotel finder and reservations
  • Airport transportation
  • Rental car reservations and automobile return
  • Coordination of travel for visitors to bedside
  • Return travel for dependent/minor children
  • Assistance locating the nearest embassy or consulate
  • Cash transfers
  • Assistance with bail bonds