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Tacsafe Tag

For Travellers
Tacsafe Tag  award winning solution uses the latest technologies to deliver the next generation of bag & luggage tags. Our NFC embedded tags and mobile app make for the worlds most effective and simple lost & found solution

The Best Lost & Found

Tag-imageComplete branded experience
We make sure your brand is seen and remembered by smartly placing it in multiple instances throughout the user’s experience.

Practical, unique, memorable
Give something unique which people use our QR coding and NFC ,secure his/her luggage.

Native iPhone & Android apps
Tacsafe Tag users gain full access to our award winning lost & found platform for life! Our apps are available on the respective app stores for free.

Geolocation sharing
Bag “finders” can share the bag’s location, contact details and any other information with a single click. They don’t even need the app installed to do the right thing.

Secure and private
We made sure the user’s information is secure and private according to the highest international standards.

Tacsafe Tag App