Travel Assistance Memberships

MRP: Rs.23,388/-


Travel Assistance
It’s a based on the member’s Age and Tenure period and Geographical Area.

Medical Assistance
• Emergency Medical Transportation (Evacuation/ Repatriation) to the Hospital of Your Choice
• Medical Monitoring
• 24-Hour Nurse Help Line
• Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy Referrals
• Prescription and Medical Device Replacement
• Deposits, Advances, and Guarantees
• Dispatch of Medicine, Physician, or Nurse
• Up to 2,000 Transportation of Family Member to Your Bedside
• Up to 1,500 Return of Minor Children
• Return of Deceased Remains

Travel Assistance
• Translation and Interpreters
• Emergency Cash Advance Assistance
• Replacement of Lost Traveling Documents Assistance
• Emergency Message Forwarding Assistance
• Lost and Missing Luggage Assistance
• Legal Consultation and Referrals

Members Also Get Travel Policy
• Travel Overseas Policy Underwritten from IFFCO TOKIO.

Plus Members
Plus member’s apart of the above benefits, they also get a luggage Tracking System, It’s a unique and Innovative idea by search a language by QR & NFC based TAG.